Of course, it is unthinkable for a technology producing company not to carry out R&D studies. As PALLADIUM Technology and Engineering, we carry out R&D studies in many fields. Creating new quality standards with new perspectives and offering new products to our industry and humanity are the most important works we will leave behind.

Optical Solutions

As PALLADIUM Technology and Engineering, we have started our R&D studies in night vision and thermal devices technologies, due to demands, needs and the fact that competitors cannot show the desired performance despite many options. We continue our thermal glasses and night vision work from many different angles and with many different features. We are planning many models starting from the weight of the material according to the usage area. Technical features and usage areas are our top priority standards.

Let's Produce Together

You can mature any of your projects that you need but cannot fully shape, that you define but have many question marks, together with us. PALLADIUM Technology and Engineering shares its vast experience in production and planning with you in the field of R&D. We are always ready to produce with you in every project that may be the beginning of a new era in the defense industry that will benefit humanity and the future.