World Class Production


We provide services with hot forging steel, hardened steel forging and cold forging steel processing methods. We detail and manage your projects in line with your demands and needs. Your projects, which we include in production, are delivered to you on time and with the quality you demand. Continuity and your satisfaction are the main stages of production for us.

Benefit From Our Engineering and Experience


We shape metals for you to create the objects, parts, assemblies and large scale structures you need. While we are shaping metals for you, we also design and offer you consultancy with our vast experience in its application. We add strength to your strength with our different metal processing tracks and our working quality in norms that are seen as impossible.

Full Support for Your Special Projects


We manufacture plastic parts in a wide variety of sizes and categories, from the smallest components to automotive and defense industry products with plastic injection. We also produce plastic injection with our superior molding technologies for your special projects and offer you full support.

High Strength and Long Life


We offer you the material properties you need in your projects with heat treatment and we produce products in world norms for you. By blending our high engineering knowledge with our material knowledge, we offer added value that seems like an opportunity but can be achieved with superior work determination.

Recycling Contributes to Economy


Managing time is possible with experience. Corroded or damaged metals are reprocessed and we bring them to the economy with sandblasting management. We offer project-based sandblasting service with different abrasives.